Scots Language Poker Software

The language of Scots is a unique dialect found in the lowlands of Scotland. The language is sometimes referred to as Lowland Scots so as to differentiate it from the dialect of the highlands of Scotland, which is called Scottish Gaelic. Scots is considered a traditional language of Scotland, but it is not an official language of the country. Only a small population of the world speaks Scots (about 1.5 million in total). Although the dialect has its own unique linguistics and grammar, the language itself is Germanic and evolved from Early Middle English. Modern English is taught in Scottish schools, which means that people who speak Scots can understand most web sites that are written in English.

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Scots Language Online Poker Sites

In Scotland, online gambling is a popular pastime, which means there are several web sites for Scots speaking players to choose from. However, as Scots is more of a regional dialect, there are no poker sites offered in native Scots. Most players who speak Scots, however, are comfortable playing at any English poker sites. Luckily for Scots speaking players, there are a multitude of poker sites in English. Bwin Poker is a popular site for Scots speaking players, with plenty of busy tables and sit and go tournaments. Party Poker gives Scots-speaking players the chance to communicate with fun social tools and virtual avatars. Betfair is a popular European poker site that is easy to use and offers plenty of different payment options for Scots-speaking players.

Scots Friendly Payment Options

Credit cards like Visa and Mastercard or European cards like Delta, Solo and Maestro offer an instant depositing method for use at Scots friendly poker sites. Credit cards are convenient and easy for Scots speaking people to use with little language barrier. However, many players find themselves charged heavy fees for using their credit card at an online poker site. The way to get around unpleasant fees is to purchase pre-paid cards at local merchants. Scots-speaking players can buy Visa Electron debit cards and add funds at Scots-speaking vendors in their own neighborhoods.

Some people prefer to use electronic wallet sites to perform online transactions. These offer Scots-speaking players a safer alternative than using credit cards as the electronic wallet acts as a buffer between the poker site and the player's sensitive information. There is no ewallet that can currently be translated into Scots; however, nearly all of them are available in English. Popular options for Scots-speaking players include Neteller, Moneybooks and Paypal. Most online poker sites will allow players who use electronic wallet sites to make deposits and withdrawals without accruing additional fees.

For more information visit our Scots Poker Online guide to depositing at real money poker sites.