Bulgarian Language Poker Software

The Bulgarian language is an official language of the country of Bulgaria and of the European Union. The language is also prominent in neighboring countries such as Turkey, Serbia, Moldova, Romania, Kosovo, Albania and the Ukraine. Altogether, between Bulgaria and other countries, there are about nine million people in the world who speak the Bulgarian language. The country of Bulgaria is a more recent addition to the list of countries that allow its citizens to play online poker for real stakes, which means that there has been an increase in the number of poker sites that are available in Bulgarian.

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Bulgarian Language Online Poker Sites

Although Bulgarian players are accepted at several online poker web sites, there is still a limit to the amount that are available in the Bulgarian language. Bet365 Poker, which is a division of the Bet365 sportsbook family, was one of the first poker sites available in Bulgarian. Since then, sites that run on the same 888 software, such as Pacific Poker, have begun to offer Bulgarian versions of their casino and poker web sites. For Bulgarian players looking for games outside of the realm of the 888 software, Betfair is another poker site that gives Bulgarian players both support and poker access in their native language.

Bulgarian Friendly Deposit Methods

Bulgarian players have just as many depositing options available to them as players from other parts of the world do; however, not all options are available in Bulgarian. The most convenient and popular way to deposit money into an online poker account is through a credit or debit card. Bulgarian players that have a Visa or Mastercard account should have no trouble finding a Bulgarian poker site that will accept their preferred payment type. However, credit card users can run the risk of identity theft when using their card number online. Also, some places may charge an additional fee when using a credit card to make a deposit.

Another alternative is to use a bank transfer. A bank transfer will have few fees involved and can be performed directly at most Bulgarian speaking banks. This makes a bank transfer a much safer option that is available to all Bulgarian speaking players who have a checking account at a participating bank. However, a bank transfer requires a bit of patience as the actual transfer can take several business days to complete.

Another service that is friendly towards Bulgarian speaking players is MoneyGram. MoneyGram is a money wiring service that players can use to transfer money anywhere in the world - including into an account at a poker site. MoneyGram is an international service with a website available completely in Bulgarian. Although MoneyGram is a safe, trusted service that is available at many Bulgarian poker sites. MoneyGram can also be used as a service to receive withdrawals from participating poker sites. Any payments made with MoneyGram will take a few days to transfer, which can be an inconvenience to players. However, it is one of few choices for Bulgarian speaking players. For more information visit our Bulgarian Poker Online guide to depositing at real money poker sites.