Chinese Language Poker Software

China is one of the largest and most populated countries on the planet, which makes Chinese the most widely used language in the entire world. Besides the People's Republic of China, the Chinese language is used in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Mauritius and even in areas of the United States. There are several forms of the language that vary from spoken word to written word. Variations include Mandarin, Wu, Yue, Min, Xiang, Hakka and Gan Chinese.

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Chinese Language Online Poker Sites

In China, playing at an online poker site for real money funds is technically illegal. However, at this time, it is not a widely enforced law. In fact, there have been no reported arrests or fines for Chinese players caught gambling online. Therefore, because of the ambiguity of the gambling laws, there are still a great deal of Chinese poker players online. Many online poker websites, in anticipation of the future change in Chinese online gambling law, have begun to accept Chinese players. Bodog Poker is one of the sites leading the way towards accepting Chinese players. However, the Bodog Poker site is only available in English. Chinese players looking to play online in their native language will have to turn to other sites such as Bet365, Full Tilt Poker or PokerStars. All of these poker rooms offer Chinese versions of their web sites and poker software.

Chinese Friendly Deposit Options

The hardest aspect for Chinese players is finding a way to make deposits into their casino accounts. There are not many options for Chinese players as online poker is still technically illegal. However, some Chinese players have found loopholes that have allowed them to continue to play. Chinese credit cards will not work at online poker sites; however, some Chinese players find that they can bypass this rule if they use non-Chinese credit cards. These credit cards may charge additional fees for use at online gambling sites, which can be a necessary inconvenience for Chinese players.

Chinese players often get around this by purchasing pre-paid cards or online vouchers such as Ukash. Ukash cards are purchased at Chinese-speaking vendors and merchants and then used like a credit card online at poker sites. Ukash is also available online with a web site and support for Chinese speaking players.

Many players at online poker rooms use electronic wallet services to make payments. These easy-to-use third party websites take money from a player's credit card or checking account and use it at a number of vendors online, including Chinese poker sites. The best choices for Chinese speaking players include Neteller and Click2Pay. These two electronic wallets offer services to Chinese players in their native language with Chinese web sites.

Finally, Chinese players can also make payments via wire transfer with MoneyGram. Several Chinese friendly casinos and poker sites accept payments from MoneyGram. The MoneyGram website can be set to display Chinese and the service can be used to transfer money from a bank account to an account at a poker site. Like most wiring services, it will take a few days for payments from MoneyGram to complete the transfer.

For more information visit our Chinese Poker Online guide to depositing at real money poker sites.