Luxembourgish Language Poker Software

The Luxembourgish language is spoken primarily in Luxembourg. Less than 500,000 people worldwide speak the language. Small populations of Luxembourgish speakers are present in countries that neighbor Luxembourg. Many Luxembourgish dialects have developed including Areler, Eechternoacher, Miseler, Stater and more. A standard form of the language has been developing because of mass media technologies like television and the Internet.

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There are many French loanwords present in Luxembourgish, which makes it a Moselle Franconian language. Written Luxembourgish uses a Latin twenty-six letter alphabet with three letters that have undergone modification.

Luxembourgish Language Online Poker Sites

Unfortunately, there are no poker sites offering service in Luxembourgish.

Luxembourgish Friendly Deposit Options

There are many deposit options for poker players that speak Luxembourgish. Some deposit options include PaySafeCard, credit card, and debit card.

PaySafe card is a good option for Luxembourgish speaking poker players looking to fund accounts. The PaySafeCard web site opens with a country menu from which Luxembourg can be chosen. The web site then instantly translates into Luxembourgish. The PaySafeCard is a prepaid card that acts like a debit card. After purchasing, the owner can transfer funds from the PaySafeCard account to any accepting poker account.

Credit card and debit card are convenient options for instantly funding poker accounts. Almost every poker site accepts Visa and MasterCard. Card information must simply be entered by a registered member in order to immediately fund accounts.

For more information visit our Luxembourgish Poker Online guide to depositing at real money poker sites.