Bahasa Indonesia Language Poker Software

The official language of the country of Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia. The word Bahasa is the Indonesian word for language, so Bahasa Indonesia simply means "the language of Indonesia." In some cases, it may be known as simply Bahasa. As Indonesia is the fourth most heavily populated country in the world and the majority of its citizens speak fluent Bahasa Indonesia, the language is considered to be a widely spoken one. Much of the population of Indonesia is fluent in more than one language with Chinese, Malay and Javanese being the most popular additional language choices for bilingual Indonesians.

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Bahasa Indonesia Online Poker Sites

Although many Indonesian people can enjoy a poker site that is unavailable in their native language, some prefer a poker site to be available in Bahasa Indonesia. Indonesian players are accepted at several international poker web sites, but only a few cater to players who speak Bahasa Indonesia. The best place for Bahasa Indonesia players to turn to is Expekt Poker. This is one of the few poker places online where there is a version of the web site that can be accessed in complete Bahasa Indonesia. Although few other poker sites offer support in Bahasa Indonesia, there are many places that will accept Indonesian players that speak other languages. Rooms like Bodog, Absolute Poker and Full Tilt Poker welcome Indonesian players who speak an additional language.

Bahasa Indonesia Friendly Payment Options

When playing with real money stakes, players who speak Bahasa Indonesia will want to be able to make deposits and withdrawals with little to no hassle. The most popular payment method for Indonesian players is a credit card. Visa and Mastercard are accepted at most Bahasa Indonesia poker web sites. However, Indonesian players can find themselves charged with high additional fees for using a credit card to make a deposit at a Bahasa Indonesia poker web site.

A tried and true deposit method for Bahasa Indonesia poker web sites is through a direct bank transfer. In most cases, this is a completely free service, with little to no additional fee tacked on. However, the one drawback to a bank transfer is the amount of time it takes for money to clear. It can take as long as three to four business days for funds to make it to and from a Bahasa Indonesia poker account.

For a fast option that incurs few penalties or fees, electronic debiting services are the best bet for Bahasa Indonesia players. Not every Bahasa Indonesia has the best security, so using an electronic debiting service like Moneybookers or Neteller can help prevent identity theft or credit card fraud. Players simply transfer funds from a credit card or bank account into an electronic wallet account and then use it to make deposits at a Bahasa Indonesia poker site.

For more information visit our Bahasa Indonesia Poker Online guide to depositing at real money poker sites.