Frisian Language Poker Software

Frisian is a collection of languages that are related to the Germanic Languages. The Frisian language group includes West Frisian, North Frisian and Saterland Frisian. The Frisian language was at its peak between the 8th and 16th centuries. The language was spoken in portions of Western Europe that stretched from the North Sea coast down to modern day Germany.

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The language is slightly related to English but has the greatest relationship with Dutch, as the Dutch people have been exposed to the language for over 500 years. Frisian is still spoken by a population of roughly 500,000 who are part of the Frisian group. The Frisian people and the language are mostly stationed in the Netherlands and Germany.

Frisian Language Online Poker Sites

There is currently no official poker site that supports the Frisian language. This is largely due to the fact that Frisian is a language overshadowed by Dutch and German. With only around 500,000 Frisian speakers in Europe, poker sites have no particular interest in providing a Frisian-compatible poker experience. Most Frisians also know either Dutch or German as a secondary language. A large number of top poker sites provide Dutch and German compatible online poker game play and these languages remain the best assets for any Frisian looking to play online poker.

Frisian Friendly Deposit Methods

There are no major financial transaction institutions that recognize Frisian as a popular enough language to warrant Frisian-friendly deposit methods. Popular deposit method services focus on only providing translations and financial transactions to the major worldwide languages. Frisians will have to use a Dutch or German-friendly deposit method service instead. Many deposit methods offer both German and Dutch compatible service such as Moneygram, NETeller, PayPal, EcoCard, Click2Pay and GiroPay.

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