Poker Wire Transfer

Due to the uncertainty of current legislation in the United States and many other countries regarding the legality of online gambling, many sites located within these countries have stopped honoring credit card deposits from players in these countries. The United States has been particularly affected by this problem, as many of the country's top online poker sites will no longer accept credit or debit card deposits from any and all online poker players who reside in the USA.

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Furthermore, many online poker companies in other jurisdictions will, also, refuse credit and debit card deposits from United States citizens. This is a similar situation that is facing the citizens of many countries around the world where online poker is either illegal or the governing authorities have been unclear as to the true legality of online poker for real money. Finding an acceptable method of real money deposits onto online poker sites can be quite a challenge in these countries. This is why it is important to look into all available options before making a deposit decision.

For online poker players facing this type of a problem, a wire transfer may be the best option for funding a real money online poker account. A wire transfer is an electronic bank transfer from a customer's bank account to an online account with a third-party payment processor. The funds can come from the customer's savings or checking account, or can even be completed with cash if the customer provides it in person at the time of the transaction.

If other options are available, then wire transfers are seldom the most cost-effective choice for online real money account deposits. However, if your online poker account rejects your credit card or debit card deposits, then wire transfers are a viable alternative. The fees associated with a wire transfer are generally pretty high. Most of these fees are charged by the issuing bank, not the online poker provider. If you make a large enough deposit, then many online poker sites will waive these fees or reimburse you for them. Be sure to check with your online poker provider directly to determine their policies for wire transfer deposits.

Wire Transfer Poker Deposit

When making a wire transfer to your online poker real money account, make sure that you include your name, account number, and any necessary personal identification number (PIN) or account details. Check with your online poker provider to see if there are any additional steps you need to take in order to get your wire transfer deposit approved and successfully processed.

We will update this page soon with more information on what the best poker deposit options are when using a wire transfer, for now simply bookmark us and visit often for updated information.