Austria Poker

Austria Poker

Official currency: Euro (€) | Official language: German | Population: 8,210,281

In recent years, the Austrian Poker sites and the state gambling authority has been attempting to capitalize on the growing popularity of online poker and online gambling sites.  They recently accomplished their first success in this industry, opening the first state-sponsored online poker room. The Austrian government recently established a partnership with Boss Media Network to begin the state-sponsored online poker site called The site has been enjoying a booming popularity among Austrian citizens, providing them with online poker software for both real money and play money poker tables.

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Depositing At Austrian Poker Sites

Austrian Poker sites and poker players from Austria depositing at online poker sites will have a wide variety of account funding options available to them. One of the most popular poker deposit methods is the Diner's Club International charge card. Diners Club is well-known around the world as the first ever charge card and is now accepted in over 200 countries worldwide. Customers who use their Diners Club card for online deposits will enjoy a wide array of rewards programs. While most American banks tend to reject credit card purchases for online casinos, most European banks are willing to accept Diner's Club cards without any problems.

Austrian online poker sites accept a variety of MasterCard payment options.  While you can simply use your MasterCard credit card to complete your online deposit, you must be careful and check with your bank first. Some banks will reject any credit card payment to an online poker site, and others might charge an additional fee for credit card deposits. Many banks treat online gambling deposits as if they are cash advances, adding hefty fees to any online deposits. Thus, it is important that you check with your specific bank to determine any limitations or charges on your MasterCard credit card.

One viable option to depositing with your MasterCard credit card is to take advantage of the Maestro account service. Maestro, formerly known as Switch, is a debit card service provided by MasterCard. After depositing funds onto the card, users are able to make purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted. This makes it very easy for customers to make deposits onto online gambling sites, and helps users avoid fees and rejections that often come with using credit cards.

Netpay is another great option for Austrian citizens making deposits to online gambling sites. Netpay is a secure third party payment system which allows for easy and instant payment transfers to online merchants. After opening an account and funding it, users can instantly transfer funds from their Netpay account to their online poker account. This method is particularly useful for users who have trouble with bank denials for online poker account funding.

Austrian poker playing citizens also have the option of using Paybox, a payment system which uses your mobile phone to process deposits to your online poker playing account.  The Paybox system links the customers mobile phone to a stored account value that can be accessed using the phone to transfer funds to the designated recipient. The system works very similar to a debit card, with all transactions taking place from the customers mobile phone. While this method seems to be very convenient, it does tend to have slightly higher charges than most of the other viable payment options.

The new state-sponsored Austrian online poker site also accepts the Paysafecard Poker deposit method. Paysafecard is another debit-card style payment system, allowing users to deposit funds onto the card and then make deposits to various designated recipients, including online poker sites. The benefit of using the debit card style systems is that there is a very small chance of having the payment rejected, since the funds are already on the card and in your control.