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Official currency: Japanese Yen (¥) | Official language: Japanese | Population: 127,078,679

As online poker continues to gain popularity in Japan, more and more online poker sites are popping up and attracting customers of various skill levels. While finding an online poker site that you like may seem pretty easy, finding one that has a suitable deposit funding option might be a bit more challenging.

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Each Japan online poker site offers a different variety of funding methods, and it is important that you are careful to find one that will suit your individual needs. In order to find a suitable deposit method, it is critical that you weigh the pros and cons of each payment service, and make your decision based off careful considerations and planning. Below is more about depositing at online poker sites that accept Japanese players.

Japan Poker Sites And Deposit Options

Neteller and Moneybookers.com are two of the most popular online deposit methods for online poker players in Japan. Both sites are recommended by online poker players across the globe, and each has a solid reputation as a safe, reliable, and efficient means of making online deposits and payments. To begin using one of these services, simply log on to one of their websites and register a new account. Once you enter and verify your bank or credit card information, you will never again need to provide your personal account information. This eliminates most of the risk associated with depositing funds onto an online gaming site.

MasterCard and Visa are also accepted at most Japanese online poker sites. However, many online poker players run into problems when trying to deposit funds from their Visa or MasterCard credit cards. Many banks and credit card companies will not authorize payments to online gambling sites and will immediately reject the deposit. They do this in order to combat the high level of fraud and identity theft associated with unsecure online gambling sites.

In order to combat the rejections from major credit card companies, many online poker sites have made creative ways of getting around the authorization problems. Many online poker sites attempt to make it look as though the customer was purchasing merchandise instead of depositing money onto an online gambling site. For example, some Japan poker sites will charge customers cards odd amounts, say $149.63 instead of $150. This makes it appear as though sales tax has been included and that the customer was using the card for merchandise instead of online poker chips. Furthermore, some online poker companies use a fictitious name in order to hide where the funds are really going.

Some Japanese online poker sites also accept bank transfers made directly from your local bank or financial institution. Customers who are worried about the security of their financial information should take comfort in knowing that bank transfers are almost always guaranteed secure and prove to be a safe way to make online deposits. However, customers should always be aware that the deposit process for a bank transfer can often take up to two weeks or even more, as the receiving company will have to wait for your funds to clear before they will credit your account. Also, many online poker sites charge high fees for bank transfers, due to the added transaction costs and processing fees. Thus, bank transfers are usually not a cost-effective method of funding an online poker account.