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Official currency: Costa Rican Colon (₡) | Official language: Spanish | Population: 4,253,877

As online poker continues its rise in global popularity, countries across the globe are beginning to capitalize on the enormous profits that online gaming can potentially generate. Costa Rica is one country who has been quick to capitalize on the online poker market, adding millions of dollars of revenue to the country's economy. Costa Rico International Sports is a company which specializes in online poker sites, and owns and operates about 10 different popular online poker sites whose jurisdiction falls within Costa Rica. The amount of available sites in Costa Rica have led to a tremendous rise in popularity of online poker among Costa Rican citizens, as well as players from around the globe joining these successful sites.

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Because of the strong popularity of online poker sites originating in Costa Rica, citizens there have a wide variety of available funding options for depositing funds onto online poker sites. By learning about all of the available funding options for popular online poker sites, you can ensure that you will find one that will be suitable for you, while avoiding unnecessary fees and waiting periods. Below are several options available for Costa Rican online poker players to make deposits into their online poker accounts.

Costa Rica Poker Deposit

Bank checks and bank wire transfers are generally accepted by Costa Rican online poker sites, especially those sites within the Costa Rico International Sports network. While these options are easily accepted, they do come with their fair share of drawbacks. First, bank checks and bank wire transfers usually require a waiting period of about 2-3 days before your funds will be accessible. Because of the high risk of bank fraud, online sites require the extensive waiting period to ensure that your deposited funds will clear your bank. This is a huge drawback for many online poker players who want to start playing immediately. Bank wire transfers also tend to have rather high fees associated with making deposits. The fees vary depending on your bank and the particular site you are depositing to, but the fees are generally higher than reasonable for online deposits.

Perhaps the best option for making deposits on a Costa Rican online poker site is using a third party payment system, known as an "e-wallet". E-wallet services allow users to deposit funds directly from their bank, credit card, or debit card onto the third-party account Web site, and then make deposits from the e-wallet site directly into the online poker site. The benefits of using such a service are that you are never required to share your account information with the online poker site, which can sometimes be very risky and potentially dangerous.

Neteller and are two of the most highly rated e-wallet services available for Costa Rican online poker players. Both sites are recommended by online poker players across the globe, and each has a solid reputation as a safe, reliable, and efficient means of making online deposits and payments. To begin using one of these services, simply log on to one of their Web sites and register a new account. Once you enter and verify your bank or credit card information, you will never again need to provide your personal account information. This eliminates most of the risk associated with depositing funds onto an online gambling site.

Costa Rica Poker Sites

Most of the Costa Rican sites also allow deposits via person-to-person transfers.  This deposit method allows users to transfer funds from one player's account to another. Thus, if you have a friend or family member using one of the online poker sites, you can easily transfer funds to your account without having to pay any deposit fees or wait for check clearance. This deposit method has proven to be a favorite among Costa Rican poker players.