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Official currency: Norwegian Krone (kr) | Official language: Bokmal Norwegian, Nynorsk Norwegian | Population: 4,660,539

In the past few years, Norways parliament has been advancing a proposal that will ban all forms of online gambling within the countrys jurisdiction. While the ban has not, yet, been passed, many of Norways online poker players are fearful that they will soon lose the ability to play their favorite online gambling game. However, until the ban is formally enacted and enforced, Norwegian online poker players can continue enjoying the game on a variety of international online poker sites that still accept registrations from Norwegian citizens.

Poker Sites Accepting Players From Norway

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Norway Online Poker Sites

Most international online poker sites continue to accept players from Norway. However, many Norwegian banks are fearful of the seemingly imminent ban on Norway online poker sites. Therefore, they forbid any direct transfers from a bank account to an online gambling provider. Most Norwegian online poker players will need to find a different form of deposit to fund their real money online poker accounts.

Norway Poker Deposit Options

Some Norwegian online poker players will have the ability to use their credit or debit cards for making instant deposits to their real money accounts. Most international online poker providers currently accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards and the Visa Electron debit card. Simply log on to your online poker providers deposit page and look for the credit card logos to begin your deposit by credit card.

Please be aware, that making a deposit to an online poker site directly from a credit or debit card can be more costly than it initially appears. Because the funds are being used for gambling, many credit card issuing financial institutions will treat the deposits as a cash advance, usually resulting in extremely high fees. Often times, the fees associated with making a credit card deposit can end up being higher than the deposit itself. Furthermore, interest rate charges on cash advances are, typically, far higher than the rates on a standard purchase.

Usually, a much better option for Norwegian online poker players to fund their real money accounts is by using an e-wallet service such as Neteller. An e-wallet service acts as a third-party payment processor. It links your bank account or credit card to an online account that can be used to make purchases, deposits, and transactions at a variety of online merchants that accept the payment service. While most Norwegian banks will deny any transactions directly to an online gambling provider, very few will deny a payment to an e-wallet service like Neteller because the deposited funds could be used for just about anything.

To begin using the Neteller service, you will simply need to set up a free account from their website. Once you have verified your bank account or credit card (the verification process may take a few days) you will be able to instantly transfer funds from your account to your online poker site. Most international online poker sites do not currently charge any fee for Neteller deposits. However, the service itself charges a minor commission for each transaction completed.