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Official currency: Hong Kong Dollar ($) | Official language: Chinese | Population: 7,055,071

As online poker continues to rise in popularity, people in Hong Kong are joining in the fun and excitement and taking part in the online poker market. Many Asian countries have been slow to pick up the popular sport of online poker, but in recent years many Asian countries have joined in the fun. Hong Kong is one of the most active countries when it comes to online gaming, and players there are enjoying an increasing amount of options for sites providing online poker software platforms.

The most popular online poker site located in Hong Kong is undoubtedly PokerStars. The site boasts over 2 billion dollars in registered bets since its opening in 1997, and enjoys extremely high volumes of player traffic.

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Hong Kong Poker Sites

PokerStars, like other Hong Kong online poker providers, offers several different deposit methods for players to use in order to get started with real money play on the site.  By looking at all of the available options, you will be sure to find one that will work for you. Be sure to check out all of the various options available in order to find the one that will work best for you situation.

Most Hong Kong online poker sites accept both Visa and Mastercard credit card deposits. However, players should be very cautious when using a credit card to make online deposits. In addition to the typical online risks of your credit card information being compromised, there is a risk of fees and penalties from your bank or credit card company.

Hong Kong Poker Deposit

Many credit card companies and banks will automatically reject any payment or deposit made to an online poker site. Most credit card companies have a list of specific online sites that they will not authorize payments for. By simply calling your credit card company or bank, you can easily find out which sites they will not allow you to make deposits to. Some credit card companies also charge extensive fees for online deposits to gaming sites. They will often consider these deposits to be cash advances, and will charge hefty fees to make the deposit. Thus, it is important that you call your credit card company or bank in order to make sure that you will not be hit with huge fees for making an online deposit.

Neteller is the most common deposit option for online poker players in Hong Kong and around the world. The service is relatively cheap, easy to use, and allows for instant deposits to most online poker sites. Neteller operates as a third-part payment system, allowing users to make bank transfers or credit card deposits to their Neteller account, and then transfer those funds to online poker sites. This is a great option for people who are having trouble getting their bank or credit card company to authorize a payment to an online gambling site. The deposits to Neteller are almost always accepted, as the fund could be used for any purchases online. This makes it easy for people with restricted credit cards to make deposits to online poker sites.

Moneybookers.com is a similar system to Neteller, allowing players to make deposits first to the third party payment system, and then transfer the funds to an online poker site. While both companies perform the basic same function, fees and commissions do vary. Be sure to compare different payment providers in order to find the one that will the cheapest and most efficient for your needs.