PIC Club Poker

PIC-Club is a relatively new and unique e-wallet service which gives users the ability to make instant deposits to online poker sites without ever having to provide confidential account information directly to the online poker provider. PIC-Club was designed to give Unites States players a safe, reliable, and apparently legal means to fund their online poker real money accounts. Since its introduction, the PIC-Club e-wallet service has seen a booming rise in popularity, making it one of the widely used e-wallet services used by online poker players in the United States.

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PIC-Club works by allowing users to set up an online account, fund it, and then use those funds to make deposits onto online poker sites. The service allows for a variety of initial funding options, including credit/debit cards, wire and cash transfers, and bank account transfers. The service can be, especially, useful for online poker players who are having difficulties depositing funds to their online poker accounts directly from the credit or debit card. By first depositing these funds to an e-wallet service like PIC-Club, these customers can greatly reduce the risk that their deposit will be rejected by the site or by their local bank or credit card company.

Best PIC-Club Poker Sites

Right now the list of poker sites accepting deposits from PIC-Club is long, but doesn't contain the most popular poker rooms. We are told that an ongoing effort to add more poker rooms with the PIC-Club option is being pursued, but for now it is mostly centered around the Merge Poker Network sites and the Everleaf Poker Network sites. We hope to update this page with more useful information in the near future.

PIC Club Poker Deposit

The PIC-Club deposit method is unique because it requires that users also make their withdrawals through the service from their online poker real money account. This is beneficial in that it allows customers the ability to make both deposits and withdrawals from one convenient account. However, requiring customers to make their withdrawals from the site, means that they will be facing higher overall transaction costs and service fees.

The PIC-Club service currently charges a five percent for all deposits from credit cards. All other deposit methods are completed free of charge, plus any additional fees imposed by your local bank or financial institution.  This is a pretty standard fee rate that is competitive with most other online deposit options.

The withdrawal fees for PIC-Club, however, tend to be a bit higher than should be expected for an e-wallet service. The service charges no fee for a check mailed to you with your withdrawal.  But they do charge $25 for most other types of withdrawals and a fifteen percent fee for ACH e-check withdrawals. These withdrawal charges are higher than most e-wallet services, which usually have the ability to deposit your withdrawals directly into your linked bank account absolutely free of charge.