ACH Poker Deposit

The use of electronic checks and bank transfers has become commonplace in online poker in funding and depositing to real money accounts.  E-checks are accepted by thousands of online merchants around the world. As e-commerce continues its rise in sales and revenue growth, it is likely that the use of e-checks like ACH transfer will become even more popular in the global economy.

E-checks are a safe and reliable method to make payments and transfers online.  They work pretty much the same as a standard paper check; using the routing numbers and account numbers from your checking account to process your payment or deposit.  Many online poker players find that using an e-check is a secure alternative to using credit cards for online account funding and ensuring that the customers’ private information is protected from hackers and identity thieves.

Many people see the acronym ACH associated with the use of e-checks but have no idea what it actually means. ACH represents the method of e-check processing through the Federal Reserve Bank’s Automatic Clearing House.  This processing service ensures that all e-check transactions are 100% secure.  Online poker players should deposit funds onto sites only if they display the ACH acronym, which guarantees them that their funds will be 100% guaranteed.

Best Poker Sites Accepting ACH Transfer

ACH Poker Sites And Deposit Fees

ACH e-checks generally have very low fees for online account deposits.  Most online poker providers will charge no fee at all for e-check transfers, while others will keep the fee to a low percentage of the overall deposit amount.  This makes e-checks a very cost-efficient method of depositing funds into your real money online poker account.

One downfall to using ACH Transfer as an online poker deposit method is that most sites require a three-day waiting period before the transaction will settle and the funds available for use in online poker play.  This can seem like a very long waiting period for an online poker player who is trying to immediately fund their real money account.  Other deposit methods such as credit cards, allow for instant deposits without waiting periods or transaction settlement periods.

Also, many banks will reject payments to online gambling sites.  Some banks have specific lists of online gambling sites that they will refuse payments to.  Although you are only using your checking account routing numbers to make the deposit, the funds must clear your bank before they can be applied to your real money account.  To determine if your bank will allow your deposit to be completed, call them to find a site that they will permit payments to.