Microgaming Poker Network

The Microgaming Poker Network is one of the largest online poker networks, comprised of more than 40 online poker rooms and ranking #7 in active player traffic. Microgaming has long been known for its impressive software development, both in the online poker and casino department. Because of its extreme presence in online casino markets ñ attracting players from the casino venue over to the poker side - the Microgaming Network maintains one of the softest, juiciest player bases in the business. The only real negative aspect of the Microgaming Network is its recent exclusion of all US players from each of its poker skins.

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Microgaming Software - Games Offered On Microgaming

The software provided by the Microgaming Poker Network is widely preferred for its stability, speed and overall playability. You won't find 3D avatars or other resource-hogging imagery, but what you will find is a very clean, clutter-free atmosphere that is very well suited for serious poker players. All of the standard features are available, from vital lobby stats and in-depth personal stats in-game, as well as note taking, good mini-views for multi-tabling, and a graphic replay of hand histories. Multi-tabling allows up to 8 ring games at once. One benefit of online poker rooms on the Microgaming Network is that they support both downloadable and Flash-powered poker play, allowing for global OS compatibility (PC/Mac/Linux).

The game variety is about average, including Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven card Stud, Five Card Stud and Five Card Draw. The addition of Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo would be a nice improvement, but none such luck as to date. The lowest stakes are micro-limits of $0.02/$0.05, scaling up to the highest FL stakes of $200/$400.

Microgaming Network Traffic

Microgaming currently comes in at the #7 position in terms of largest active player volume. Peak hour traffic averages around 6,500. About 4,000 of these flock to the large-scale tournament roster, while the rest can be found in cash game action.

Fixed limit and NL Hold'em attracts the majority of ring game players, as is the case with all online poker rooms, though Omaha is really picking up pace and Seven card Stud seems to be following that trend. For the juiciest action, check out the short-handed tables to find regular viewed-flop percentages of 55% or better.

Promotions On The Microgaming Network

For the most part, online poker skins on the Microgaming Network are allowed free reign of their own promotional campaigns. This translates to more value for the players on each individual skin. The only consistent Microgaming Network promotions are the Extreme Stack SNGs, and the Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot. Though spanning more than 40 online poker rooms, the bad beat jackpot also adds value for the player. There are many more participants donating to the expedited growth of the progressive jackpot, often climbing well into the 6-digit range.