1Pay Poker

    1Pay is a poker deposit option that has been developed for the Chinese market exclusively, current federal laws in China prohibit any form on online gambling within the country.  However, millions of Chinese residents continue to gamble online anyways, willing to risk potential government reprimand for the chance to play their favorite online games such as real money poker.  With the continuing high demand for online poker play, many Chinese companies have rushed to take advantage of this booming market.  One of the biggest industries capitalizing on this market is third-party payment processors, offering a safe and secure way to fund online poker accounts in China.

    Up until mid-2005, 1Pay has been China’s most widely used e-wallet service.  E-wallet services act as third-party payment processors, giving users the ability to make payments and fund transfers online without having to provide personal bank account information or credit card numbers directly to online merchants.  However, in 2005, the 1Pay system was bought out by Neteller, which took over the customer base and became the most popular third-party payment processor in China.

    1Pay Poker Sites

    Almost all Chinese poker sites currently accept Neteller poker deposits.  Neteller is one of the most popular deposit methods worldwide, and most sites allow deposits through the service.  To determine if your online poker provider accepts Neteller payments, simply log on to their cashier page and look for the Neteller logo. If Neteller is accepted, you will simply need to provide your account information and deposit amount and you will be on your way to filling your real money online poker account.

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    1Pay Poker Deposit

    To use the Neteller service for online poker account funding, users simple need to use their checking account or credit card to fund an online account with the third-party payment processor.  Once this account is funded, users have the ability to instantly make payments and transfers to online merchants.  The service is very popular and is one of China’s favorite methods of online poker account funding. 

    Many people prefer to use the Neteller service rather than use their credit card or checking account to make direct deposits onto online gambling sites.  Issues involving identity theft and fraud on online gambling sites have become all too prevalent. These users seek a safe and viable alternative to putting their personal information at risk.  Neteller is notorious for being incredibly safe, never providing your personal information to an online merchant. 

    Setting up an account with Neteller is very simple.  Neteller registrations are free, and funding your account is fast and easy.  You will need to provide your credit card number or banking information to make your initial deposit to your Neteller account, but you should never need to do this again.  Once you initially fund your account, you should have the ability to make instant transfers to a variety of online merchants.