Euro6000 Poker Deposit

One of the benefits of using the Euro6000 credit card for online poker real money deposits is that the transactions are usually completed instantly, giving players immediate access to their deposited funds. Many players prefer this method to direct bank transfers that can often take 3 or more days for processing and transaction delays. Players needing to reload their real money poker accounts usually won’t want to wait three days for their funds to be accessible. Rather, they usually will prefer a method that allows them to instantly get back in the game.

Some banks located within Spain that issue the Euro6000 credit card will not permit transactions to online gambling sites. These banks will usually reject the transactions instantly, resulting in an error message when you attempt to process your transaction. Sometimes these banks will have a list of specific gambling sites which they won't process transactions for. To find out if your bank has such a list, simply call them and find out if your online poker provider is permitted for real money deposits and transactions. If it is forbidden, then you will need to find another option for funding your real money account, such as a third party payment processing service.

Also, some banks will treat online gambling deposits as cash advances, resulting in incredibly high fees for each deposit. Sometimes the associated fees are even higher than the deposit itself, making it impractical to use the Euro6000 card for online poker real money deposits. Be sure to check with your bank prior to making a deposit to determine whether or not you will incur and transaction fees resulting from the deposit.

To use your Euro6000 credit card for real money online poker deposits, you will simply need to provide your card information on the sites cashier page. The transaction should be completed instantly and you will receive a confirmation number upon approval of the transaction. Be sure to save your confirmation number in case any dispute arises regarding the transaction or any related fees.