eNETS Poker

This is an instant debit solution designed for residents of Singapore. For online poker players located within the Singapore jurisdiction, eNETS has quickly become one of the most commonly used deposit options for real money accounts. eNETS is a great way to make fast, secure, and incredibly easy deposits into your online real money poker account. Taking advantage of this great service will allow you to make affordable and fast deposits to your online poker account.

Many people prefer to use the eNETS service as opposed to making a funds transfer directly from their bank account or credit card because of their fear of the potential security issues associated with providing private account information to an online gambling site. Since eNETS operates as a third party payment processor, your bank account funds and credit card information will never be subjected to hackers or identity thieves. This is a great feature of the eNETS service, making it one of the safest and most secure ways to fund your online poker real money accounts.

eNETS Poker Sites

One of the most popular online poker sites that currently accept eNETS fund transfers is Pacific Poker. The site currently charges no fees for deposits made by the eNETS system and imposes a strict minimum deposit of $50. To determine if your online poker provider accepts eNETS deposits, simply log on to their site and search for the eNETS logo.

Best Poker Sites Accepting ENETS

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eNETS Poker Deposit

In order to make a deposit with the eNETS service, you will need to have your bank account registered with the Hansabank Internet Payment service. Many banks located in Singapore are already connected to this service, and hundred of banks in the country are already set up to use the eNETS online payment service. Check with your personal bank to see if you are already connected to the service. If you are not, request information from the bank on how to get your account linked to the eNETS service.

Once your bank account is approved for eNETS transactions, making a deposit is very simple. You will just need to log on your online poker provider, click on the eNETS deposit button, and begin your transaction. In a few easy steps, you will be well on your way to funding your online poker real money account.

When making a deposit to an online poker site using the eNETS system, you will be instantly directed to the eNETS Internet Payment webpage. When this happens, you should see the exact deposit amount which you requested, along with your personal account information. If any of this information is incorrect, do not proceed with the transaction! Call your bank immediately and make sure that the transaction will not be processed.  If you don't do this immediately, then you may be unable to cancel the charges to your bank account, or you may incur fees as a result of insufficient funds.