Visa Electron Poker

Visa Electron is a credit card or debit card that is available for use in most of the world. Although the card is very popular worldwide, it is currently not available in the United States, Canada, and Australia. The card was initially introduced in the 1980's and acts similarly to the Visa Debit card. With the recent tremendous rise in e-commerce revenues and sales, the Visa Electron card is seeing more and more use as an online payment and deposit method.

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The main difference between the Visa Electron and a traditional debit card is that the Visa Electron card requires that all the funds are available at the time of the purchase or transaction. Thus, the Visa Electron card can never be overdrawn. This added feature of the Visa Electron is good for e-commerce companies in that they are guaranteed to receive their funds and the transaction will never come back as insufficient funds. However, the card has seen its share of troubles as many e-commerce merchants are unable to determine if the customer has enough funds in their Electron account. If the merchant does not have a system capable of checking whether or not the customer has enough available funds, then the merchant will be unable to process the transaction, purchase, or deposit.

Visa Electron Poker Deposit

Many international online poker sites currently allow the Visa Electron card as an acceptable method of deposit into real money accounts. However, since the Visa Electron card is not available in the United States, Canada, and Australia, online poker providers located in these jurisdictions likely will not allow the Visa Electron as an acceptable deposit method. But some sites within these jurisdictions that accept players from foreign countries will allow Visa Electron deposits.

Visa Electron Poker Sites

Many of the world’s most popular online poker sites accept the Visa Electron for deposits. FullTiltPoker, Eurobet Poker, and Bet365 Poker all accept the Visa Electron. Many online poker players prefer the Visa Electron over a traditional debit card because of the added sense of security. Requiring that all funds be in the account prior to transaction approval creates a way for online poker players to exercise control in the amount of money they are able to deposit into their online poker accounts. Thousands of online poker players have dug themselves into financial turmoil by repeatedly depositing funds from their credit cards without having the ability to pay off the balances.

Most poker sites that accept the Visa Electron card for online real money deposits have the system capabilities to process the payment immediately. Sites that allow Visa Electron deposits will generally display the Electron icon on the options page of their deposits. Be sure to check for potential fees and transaction charges before making your deposit to ensure that this method of deposit will be cost efficient.