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As an exclusive deposit option for poker players in the Netherlands, iDeal is a unique payment system offered within the jurisdiction of the Netherlands. The iDeal payment system was initially introduced in 2005 and has enjoyed booming success in the e-commerce payment market. In 2007, the company reported over 15 million online transfers, making it the most widely used online payment system in the Netherlands.

The iDeal payment system allows online consumers to make safe and secure payments using direct transfers from their bank account. In order to use the service, you must have a bank account with a participating iDeal bank. The banks that are currently participating in the iDeal payment network are ABN AMRO, Fortis, Postbank, ING Bank, Rabobank, and SNS Bank. These banks make up the majority of the Netherlands online banking market, making it very easy for Dutch citizens to use the iDeal payment system for online payments and transfers.

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The iDeal payment network is unique from other payment methods, in that, customers essentially use their online banking sites environment to complete their transactions. When a consumer is shopping at an online retailer or e-commerce business, they simply select the iDeal payment method at checkout. The customer will then be redirected to their personal banks login page, which will then show the transaction data. After the customer enters their account information and digitally signs the transaction, the bank will then authorize the payment in real-time. This authorization automatically removes funds from the customer’s bank account to cover the transaction. Upon completion of the bank authorization, the customer is redirected back to the merchant's website with a confirmation of the payment and the completion of the transaction.

Ideal Poker Deposit

The Netherlands is home to many internationally popular online poker providers, most of which accept the iDeal payment system for online real money deposits. Some of these popular sites include Cake Poker, PokerPoker, and PokerJoint. Using the iDeal payment system on these sites is relatively simple as the transaction proceeds similar to an ordinary online purchase. The sites cashier function will likely direct you to your local banks website to authorize the payment, then direct you back to the poker site for verification and completion. Funds transferred via iDeal are, usually, available for use immediately after the completion of the deposit transaction.

Many Dutch online poker players prefer the iDeal deposit method to the traditional forms of credit or debit cards due to its increased security features and enhanced customer safety. Because you do not provide your bank account information directly to the online poker provider, you significantly decrease your chances of having your information stolen by a hacker identity thief.